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  Smith and Wesson SW9VE  
  Reviewer Rating 8 | Average Rating: 7 | Rate this Firearm  
gun reviews
gun reviews
  9 mm
barrel Length:
  3.01" - 4 "
  $400 - $500

  gun reviews
This is your typical 9mm, semi-auto pistol. It has a black, polymer frame with stainless slide/barrel combination. It has been advertised as a "personal protection" firearm. It is objectively, an intimidating weapon with the distinct collaboration of the two colors and obviously a "ready to fire" gun with the lack of a traditional safety. This is an affordable firearm that I would recommend adding to your personal "home defense" collection.
gun reviews
This firearm has responded well to the near 700 rounds of range ammunition it has been fed. With the exception of 2 misfires, it has flawlessly punctured the primer of every round through the chamber. It is, as listed earlier, a "personal protection" piece-this is all too true as it appears to dance around a target only to taunt you with the thought of a bulls-eye. Under no mistake from the operator, this gun fails to consistently shoot when equally supported during successive shots. If you are in the face of a shoot-out, at a range of 10 feet, this would be a great gun to have in your holster. However, I would not trust it to hit a wild javelina charging at me from 20 yards. It is however (being stainless), a breeze to clean. This gun can be disassembled with one hand and cleaned with ease. It is simple enough for a first-timer to maintain.
gun reviews
I mention the trigger as it is the sole "safety" mechanism that S&W claim for this weapon. It sports a sort of elbow that locks when fully depressed to engage the firing pin. However, this feature does not by any means adequately replace the function of a traditional safety.
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