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Mossberg Models
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  Mossberg Maverick model 88  
  Reviewer Rating 10 | Average Rating: 9.2 | Rate this Firearm  
gun reviews
gun reviews
  12 Guage
barrel Length:
  24.01" - 30"
  $200 - $300

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  gun reviews
Highly recomended little devil! Seriously, I bought my Mossberg at a local dealer for 160.00+tax, and have not looked back yet! I originally entended to use this gun around the property for nuisance animals, and home security. I would have paid twice as much just for the Mossberg name, and I was completely surprised by it's ability to preform just as well if not better than it's higher-end sister; the Mossberg 500 12ga.
gun reviews
-The easy breakdown of this shotgun aides in easy maintenace, repair (if needed), and cleaning.
-I can easily obliterate small to medium size nuisance animals out on my property, yet load a slug, and with uncanny precision drop a Deer or Hog at around 80 yds.
gun reviews
-My Maverick 88 12ga. came with a 28" vented rib barrel, 6 shot magazine, and an easy bolt style safety in the trigger gaurd; and all for the price of a top-end plinking gun (.177 BB).
-Being so closely related to the Mossberg 500, you can buy any array of accessories for the Mossberg 500 and it will easily install onto the Maverick 88 (Barrels, stock, etc. *less the trigger exchange*).
-I have recently upgraded my 88 to include a picatinny rail (M500R-8 $21.00), Tactical collabsible stock (MRW4100 $59.00), and a small field scope to follow.
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