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  Springfield XD-45 Tactical  
  Reviewer Rating 10 | Average Rating: 8.9 | Rate this Firearm  
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gun reviews
  45 ACP
barrel Length:
  4.01" - 5"
  $400 - $500

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Any review of a modern semi-auto must make comparisons to the industry standard - the Glock pistol. I am a huge fan of the Glock as it has redefined performance and utility. I've used Glocks professionally for the last 12 years. I will continue to use Glocks as my employer provides them free to me. That being said, the Springfield XD-45 Tactical has raised the bar of value and accuracy... and is a polymer semi-auto that I have purchased.

Rob Latham first showed me this gun when he met with my tactical team during some training a couple years ago. Now the problem is, any gun in His hands will operate well. So does that speak more for the gun or the operator? Although he performed amazingly with the then brand new XD-45, I held out a couple years as I saw other operators test it's function and reliability. That is why I have always admired the Glock. It always fires when you press the trigger. I've watched countless guys drop $1K on some sweet guns that on paper seem superior, yet they weren't 100% reliable. But they guys who purchased the XD were happy. I was perfectly happy with my .45 cal Glock G21 reliability and accuracy, until I got my hands on an XD-45 Tactical.
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I always shot "expert" with my Glock G21, so I had no complaints. Yet, right out of the box the XD-45 shot even better. That's right even better than the Glock. At 10-yards, standing, I put about 12 rounds into a 1" group. That was on the first day of shooting the gun. I found the trigger to be smooth and the reset to be less obvious than the Glock. I really like the grip angle, ambidextrous magazine release. Although I didn't think I would like the grip safety and thought it was just an affectation for 1911 fans - I have come to recognize an important benefit. When reholstering my duty G21, I had been trained to release my combat grip and place my thumb on the back of the slide. Doing this prevents the slide from coming out of battery and assuring a solid purchase into the holster. The great benefit of the grip safety is that using this same method of reholstering, you will disengage the grip safety. This will prevent an AD being cause from a part of clothing or other item getting in the trigger area and pressing the trigger -as bothe the grip safety and trigger safety need to be activated inorder for the firing pin to be released.
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My model has a stainless slide with a polymer frame in the 5" barrel in the tactical version. It came with case, lock, manual, 2-magazines, and belt holsters for gun and magazine. A good value at $600.
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