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  Taurus PT1911  
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gun reviews
gun reviews
  45 ACP
barrel Length:
  4.01" - 5"
  $600 - $700

  gun reviews
The pistol is very inexpensive, has a light trigger, attractive finish and custom features seen in 'loaded' models selling for 1200 dollars or more, but you already knew that.

With all these perks, you might be tempted to run out and buy one. I read so many great reviews that I did just that. However I quickly found that these reviews do not tell the whole story.

I own rifles, I own pistols, I own shotguns, semi auto SMG style guns, assault rifles etc.
I have NEVER been so let down by a gun.
Many tout the build quality, fit and finish of the PT1911. I have found quality to be extremely poor in this example.

This is a very negative review of this pistol for one simple reason-The PT1911 sitting in my cabinet has broken or shown poor build quality so early and aggressively that I am quite disgusted at this point. But I will simply state the facts of my experience and leave it to the reader to formulate an opinion.

I have tried to find some positive aspects of the PT1911, but with all the problems I have had, I haven't had time to find what I like about the pistol.
gun reviews
The PT1911 has a light, smooth trigger, it shoots well and feels as a 1911 should.

The gun store clerk advised me that the gun shoots 'a little left' for him, but I paid little attention to this.

My first time at the range, I found myself wondering where my rounds were striking. They certainly weren't hitting the man-sized target. I did find the strike point, all I had to do was aim at the far-right edge of the paper, and the rounds started punching through the far-left side of the paper. No big deal, just line the front sight up with the left side of the of the body of the rear sight, and you'll be hitting the broad side of that barn in no time. This was at 15 yds for those who might be curious.

I am a former Marine Corps infantryman and have considerable experience with .45 caliber 1911s.
I will say that the gun shoots very consistently, if the sights were set with any care at the factory, it would be a fine shooter.

The pistol fires smoothly, and has not stovepiped, misfired, failed to chamber or failed to fire once. So the function of the firing mechanism is good.
gun reviews
The features offered in the taurus PT1911 are numerous. For the price, it would seem that this gun offers unsurpassed 'bang for the buck'. However, the basic controls and functions of the gun are hindered by poor build quality, soft maliable metals, and a weak finish.

My PT1911 showed it's true colors within the first week. The ambidextrous safety mechanism readily walks it's way free of the frame within 5-10 actions of the safety. At the range, even firing the pistol multiple times causes the safety to walk.

The Heine sights are clear and well made, apparently of a quality not seen in the rest of the PT1911. However, these sights were betrayed on the Taurus assembly line when they were slapped into their dovetails however they would fit. Look at my PT1911 from the top, and one sees a front sight that is nearly an eighth inch off the centerline of the slide. The rear sight is almost as far off in the opposite direction. This accounts for my gun's inherent inaccuracy.

My newest complaint about my PT1911 is that of the slide catch. After detail stripping my PT1911, I was checking function of the pistol and realized that my slide catch was no longer engaging with a magazine empty in the well. I haven't even begun to try to find out why.

Another item of note is the extremely poor slide to frame fit. Simply put, it's sloppy.

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