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  Benelli M4  
  Reviewer Rating 7 | Average Rating: 8.33 | Rate this Firearm  
gun reviews
gun reviews
  12 Guage
barrel Length:
  16.01" - 20"
  $1600 - $1800

  gun reviews
This is the M4 with pistol grip stock. It fires in Semi-auto by use of the ARGO auto-regulating gas-operated system. Like other semi-auto shotguns it has some weight to it. About 8 lbs when fully loaded with 3in slugs. It comes standard with a Picatinny rail for optics, a ghost-ring fully adjustable rear sight and fixed blade front sight. It's on the high end of the price scale at least as far as my paycheck goes.
gun reviews
The recoil is light compared to most shotguns. As far as function all I can say is that my experience with these shotguns has been excellent. I am in the Marine Corps and have used the Marine version with the skelotized stock and I personaaly own a civilian model. I have carried the Marine Corps version in Iraq. I used my civilian model for a tactical shotgun course that I took. I fired over 400 rounds through it from target loads to slugs without one malfunction. I fired this shotgun from every possible position and scenario. I fired it from the hip I fired it with the shotgun inverted. I fired it while loading at the same time to maintain fire during suppresive fire drills. It is a great shotgun but it's hard for me to justify paying over a grand for any weapon and this is no exception. If I haden't gotten a good deal on mine I would have never purchased it. Great weapon but just too expensive. If you ever find one for under a grand grab it.
gun reviews
I like the placement of the safety on the shotgun. It makes it easy to operate. Also I like the sling attachments. The front is adjustable so the sling can be at the bottom or left or right side. This is important if you like to add accessories like lights. You can find mag extensions for them online. I don't know if the mag extensions are legal so if you get one and install it it's on you to find out.
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