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  Ruger p95  
  Reviewer Rating 9 | Average Rating: 7.78 | Rate this Firearm  
gun reviews
gun reviews
  9 mm
barrel Length:
  3.01" - 4 "
  $300 - $400

  gun reviews
Indestructible, easy to maintain, accurate, and cheap. What more could you want? Typical Ruger.
gun reviews
The Ruger P95DC I own is easy to maintain, with the polymer frame and stainless slide and barrel. It requires little cleaning effort, and shoots well all the time. Trigger pull is good, but not too easy, and the fact that it shoots in DA or SA mode is a plus for smoe shooters. recoil is not a big issue with a 9mm, and this one has medium to light recoil as 9mm handguns go. It is accurate, more accurate, I find, than the shooter is capable of in most instances. I expect that a person could carry this weapon for months, or years, virtually unattended and stil expect it to fire when called upon. In this price range, this is more that you could reasonable expect.
gun reviews
This weapon was manufacutred with 10 ropund magazines due to the Clinton era gun laws, but 15 round magazines are easily obtained and work well. There are several variations of the P95, but the P95DC features a decocking lever, which is very handy on a sa/da weapon.
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