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H&R 1871 Models

Tamer 20 (1)  
  H&R 1871 Tamer 20  
  Reviewer Rating 9 | Average Rating: 9 | Rate this Firearm  
gun reviews
gun reviews
  Single Shot
  20 Guage
barrel Length:
  16.01" - 20"
  $0 - $200

  gun reviews
Reliable softer 20 gauge recoil attractive.
Excellent camp or trunk gun and very suitable for defense.
Simple to operate.
gun reviews
Accuracy good..recoil good even for small framed persons..teens & women. Use #4 and triple 00(harder to find) for defense and anything else u want to hunt with..this is not a Moose gun..but you can get deer, rodents, turkey, birds, and even shallow water fish.
gun reviews
Stainless, easy to use single action trigger with hammer, easy to break open, auto shell extractor!
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