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Taurus Models

Model 85 Ultra lite (3)  
Millenium Pro (3)  
PT145 Millennium Pro (34)  
PT111 Milllenium Pro (12)  
model 85 (5)  
617 (2)  
PT1911 (8)  
PT 138 Millennium Pro (2)  
24/7 Pro (4)  
Raging Bull .44 magnum (2)  
model 85 (2)  
709 SLIM (6)  
24/7 OSS .45acp Tactial (2)  
judge (3)  
738 TCP (4)  
py 470 (1)  
PT-99 AF (1)  
  Taurus PT111 Milllenium Pro  
  Reviewer Rating 5 | Average Rating: 7.08 | Rate this Firearm  
gun reviews
gun reviews
  9 mm
barrel Length:
  3.01" - 4 "
  $300 - $400

  gun reviews
The research I did on this gun before buying it, told me to only buy the Millenium Pro. The Millenium models had many problems. With that, I had no trouble shooting anything I bought, or loaded myself. The gun never jammed, and looked very good. It comes apart pretty easy for cleaning.
gun reviews
The gun did fire very well, and never jammed, but it also would not hit the side of a barn. I compared it to my ability to use my Colt 1911, and Ruger Security Six and hit dead on. Yet the Taurus would have times where I could not tell where the bullets were going. Sometimes, not even one would be on the paper. I put 500 rounds through it and it quickly got to be my least favorite gun. I eventually sold it and bought Springfield XD 45.
gun reviews
Mine was stainless, so I can\'t say anythig about the finish. That\'s what I like about stainless, it always looks good. The gun is easy to take apart for cleaning, but not as easy as some others. As for a rating, never jamming would tend to give it a high score. Once you add that I never could get it to hit the target, I had to balance the score a bit.
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