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  Smith and Wesson SW40VE  
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gun reviews
gun reviews
  40 S&W
barrel Length:
  3.01" - 4 "
  $300 - $400

  gun reviews
I purchased my Smith & Wesson Sigma .40 three years ago. I had saved up enough money to purchase just about any pistol I wanted so I looked at several different manufacturers and models. I knew I wanted a .40 S&W with high capacity magazines. I had shot and handled handguns for years, but I had never owned one before. The first thing that grabbed my attention was the price. $300.00 was the price on the tag for a brand new semi-auto. As soon as I picked it up I fell in love with how it felt in my hands. I have large hands and for a gun with only a 4 inch barrel it felt really good in my hands. The Sigma felt better in my hands, was far cheaper, and had a higher ammunition capacity than most of the other guns in the shop. I walked out of the gun store with the SW40VE and went right to the shooting range.
gun reviews
I knew better, but I did it anyway. I took the gun right out of the box loaded it, and started punching .40\'\' holes in paper targets. I didn\'t clean or oil the gun at all before I shot it the first time. I knew it was a stupid thing to do. To my suprise out of 500 rounds the gun only jammed twice and both times I was able to clear the round extremely easy and fast. After the initial cleaning I gave the gun when I got home I have not had a single jam or misfeed since. I\'ve put at least 10,000 rounds through it since then and it has worked absolutely great every time. I\'ve never adjusted the sights and I can make some pretty tight groups. For a DA only the Sigma seems to be perfectly balanced for fast shooting. I actually shoot much better through the Sigma when I\'m firing around 7 rounds per second. Reloading at high speeds is very easy. The Sigma expells an empty magazine very fast and smooth. As long as the gun is in the normal position the magazine falls out completley and does not require the shooter to pull it out as some other handguns do. Magazine insertion is extremely smooth even at high speeds. I nice curve on the inside of the bottom forward portion of the grip reduces the chances of banging your magazine around the outside of the gun and guides the magazine inside perfectly. I fired a wide variety of brand name ammunition and even several hundred rounds of handloaded ammo and it all worked just fine. 180 grain rounds do tend to give the gun a little more kick than 165, but with a proper grip the recoil is very managable and has never given me any problems. I shot the Smith and Wesson Sigma .40 at least once a week for a year putting over 10,000 rounds through it and I\'m VERY impressed with the speed, accuracy, and reliability of the weapon. Breaking down the gun can be a little tricky and requires both hands and some strong fingers. The only thing I don\'t like about the Sigma is that it requires the user to pull the trigger to breakdown the gun. As long as the user ensures the chamber is empty first that shouldn\'t be a problem, but it still makes me just a little nervous.
gun reviews
As with most modern autoloaders the SW40VE has the safety feature of tilting the barrel and moving the chambered round\'s primer safely away from the firing pin when the barrel is pushed back. This makes it impossible for the gun to fire if the muzzel is actually pressed against something. The front sights are fixed but the rear sights are adjustable. The barrel and the guid rod both extend only around 1/8th of an inch past the front of the gun and the front sight is smoothly curved to prevent snagging. There\'s small circular gap in between the top rear of the barrel and the slide to use as an indicator for a chambered round. However due to lighting conditions and poor eyesight I suggest to ALWAYS take the slide back all the way to clear the gun and ensure there is no round in the chamber. The gun is a Double Action (DA) only and has no hammer so the very rear of the slide is smooth with no snaggable surfaces. Just below the rear of the slide the polymer frame curves nicely above your hand to prevent pinching or cuts during operation. Just infront of that curve on the right side of the frame of the pistol it reads \
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