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  Taurus PT145 Millennium Pro  
  Reviewer Rating 7 | Average Rating: 6.65 | Rate this Firearm  
gun reviews
gun reviews
  45 ACP
barrel Length:
  3.01" - 4 "
  $300 - $400

  gun reviews
This gun, even thogh compact, still fit my rather large hands well. Having 10 rounds of 45 ACP is nice, and really nice in such a compact handgun. The gun I have is stanless steel. An added feature on my PT145 Millenium Pro is the accessory (light) rail. It just so happens that the wapon light made for XD\'s (called and XML) fits perfrectly on the rail of the Taurusa PT 145. The gun comes with two (2) magazines. The gun is extremely easy to take doown for cleaning. Simply remove the magzine, make sure the chamber is empty, then lock the slide back. Next, flip the take down lever down (one quarter turn to the right), now act as if yoiu are going to let the slide release go, but don\'t! Only let it go forward less than 1/8 inch. Stop it before it actually lets fly forward. This simply lets pressure off of the slide stop/takedown lever. Now, force the slide back again, about 1/8 inch and make sure it is loked back again. Now you will EASILY be able to pull out the slide stop/take down lever. After doing so, simply pull the trigger and pull the slide off of the frame.
gun reviews
My PT 145 Mill Pro is darn near as accurate as my full size 1911, at 25-30 feet. I was amazed at the accuracy, which is definitely comabat accurate and more then adequate for self-defensh situatations which are typically at 21 feet or less. The only concern I have of recent is that I am getting failures to feed properly, but only after the gun gets dirty, say after 50 rounds or so. At the point, if I start loading only 9 rounds instead of 10 in the magazine, it seems to help, for a few rounds. Then the pistol seems to not want to feed on the first round each magazine. Once I get the magazine to fed a round, each subsequent shot firest flawlessly, and ejects perfectly (albeit brass flys literally everywhere and sometimes darn near in your face. I have been shooting 200 grain flat-point reloads (copper plated) in 45 acp. My reloads are Wichester 231 powder at about 5.4 grains, which cycles the gun flawlessly and sure is a softer load than the factory 230 grain bullets. However, now I must try 100 rouds of 230 grain factory ammo and see if I am still having the failure to feed issue when the pistol gets dirty. I clean my guns after every range visit, so when I say dirty, I mean that the Taurs gets rather filthy in less than 75 rounds of firing. Otherwise this gun shoot just fine and is a great deal for the price.
gun reviews
This gun has a (1911 style) manual safety, even though the gun is sriker fired and you can pull the trigger and the striker will fire in double action or single action by first racking the slide. The gun also has 2nd strik capability when you have a light primer strike. By just pulling the trigger again, you may get the primer to go off, without haveing to eject and reload a new round.
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