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  Ruger LC9  
  Reviewer Rating 10 | Average Rating: 7 | Rate this Firearm  
gun reviews
gun reviews
  9 mm
barrel Length:
  3.01" - 4 "
  $400 - $500

  gun reviews
One fantastic work of Engineering. This gun is a pleasure to shoot. The trigger wears in very nicely. Easy to come on target quickly. I have had over 2k of rounds fired through this gun and never, repeat never had any kink of failure.
gun reviews
Recoil on this gun is very manageable. The more you shoot this gun, the more you love it. You can see it was made for carry and the ability to shoot very fast. Ceaning the gun is a very simple breakdown. At the range at 25\' you can get very accurate with this gun and shooting quick can get you good 3inch groups. The trigger really smooths out, and becomes very easy to shoot.
gun reviews
I love the sights on this gun. Since I carry it 7 days a week, I appreciate the safety features. The main safety is very easy to use after practice with Memory/muscle drills. It becomes second nature to dis-engage when drawing. The 7 round mag of 9mm with one in the chamber is great for a gun of this size. Easy to see why the LC9 was gun of the year.
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