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Browning Models

BDA 380 (5)  
Buck Mark .22 long rifle (3)  
A-Bolt Hunter (1)  
  Browning BDA 380  
  Reviewer Rating 8 | Average Rating: 9 | Rate this Firearm  
gun reviews
gun reviews
  380 ACP
barrel Length:
  2.01" - 3"
  $600 - $700

  gun reviews
Browning has always been a quality maker of handguns as well as others. This is no exception. I am not one for 'flashy' guns, but this nickel finish is just astounding.

380 is kinda weak for personal defense, but man, this is a fun gun to shoot.

gun reviews
Target spread is not that impressive but it is accurate enough, recoil is very minimal, cleaning isn't that bad but KEEPING it clean sucks... fingerprints all over the gun. Breakdown is a snap, but read the manual before you try it.

gun reviews
Thumb safety
Thumb decock
13 round mags
Nickel Finish
Real wood grip

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