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Phoenix Arms Models
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  Phoenix Arms HP-22  
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gun reviews
gun reviews
  22 long
barrel Length:
  2.01" - 3"
  $0 - $200

  gun reviews
I first saw this little gun, Phoenix Arms HP 22A, in a case at my favorite place, Ludco Guns, Parker City, IN. It was a nice looking weapon and I expected it to be used because the listed price was so low. It came as a pleasant surprize to learn it was brand-new-in-box. Still I had never heard of Phoenix Arms so I asked to look at it without a lot of excitement. That was the beginning of a love affair.
This little gun just felt right in my hand and its size made it a great concealed carry gun. The caliber is small but the ten-shot clip gives you ample fire power. And its accuracy made the caliber a little less important.
gun reviews
The HP 22A only has a three inch barrel but the accuracy was amazing to me. I was shooting five inch groups at fifty feet right out of the box. Now I know that may not be great for some but it is a near miracle for me. A five inch group of ten will put a lot of hurt in a miscreant's chest. I did have some problems with misfiring and unejected shells but the ammo I was using was forty years old! (I thought it was time to get rid of it.) When I put in newer ammunition it clicked them off as sweet as could be. It may be that the smaller caliber removed some of the "recoil anticipation" that gives me fits with my Smith and Wesson Sigma 40 cal. My son had the same reaction to the little gun as he fired it. It is just a pretty, nicely balanced, accurate weapon.
Breaking it down and reassembling was the one hard part or, if you will, negative aspect. You simply cannot move the takedown lever by hand. You have to tap it with a small screwdriver. And then... you really need to read the instructions well when reassembling the slide and spring. If you follow the instructions completely it is a piece of cake. If you do like most of us and just try to "figure it out", you are in for some real frustration.
gun reviews
One feature that I really like on this weapon is its double safety. One safety stops the firing pin from being struck while the other, the slide lock lever, does not allow anything to move. The hammer, slide, and trigger are locked except that the slide can be moved backward 3/16 inch to check for a chambered round. I have read several reviews that found this to be a detriment but for me it was not. I bought this gun with my wife in mind. She is not very familiar with firearms and this feature makes her have to stop and think about what she is doing. Not everyone would need that but it is a plus for us.
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