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Norinco Models

MAK-90 (1)  
  Norinco MAK-90  
  Reviewer Rating 7 | Average Rating: 7 | Rate this Firearm  
gun reviews
gun reviews
  7.62 x 39mm
barrel Length:
  16.01" - 20"
  $400 - $500

  gun reviews
A well made sporterized AK-47 clone. More acurately, an AKM clone. (Hence MAK-90, they just put the M in front of the AK so when you say it, it's not the evil 'AK' but a 'MAK', like the truck, or the hamburger. Pretty clever. The 90 stand for when they started making them, by the Chinese company Norinco in 1990 to get around a Presidential ban on "AK's" being imported into the country.
gun reviews
Fair accuarcy, not a tack driver, but you can hit what you are aiming for. With all the new funiture and mounts for AK clones to put dot-sights or low power scopes on them, it helps a lot. Only problem is that most of the sights cost more than the rifle! It does have a nice smooth trigger, and I wouldn't recomend changing it out for an American two-stage kit. Leave it as it is.
gun reviews
Comes with an odd stock, oily wood. Has a nice recoil pad on the back of stock, which makes it a joy to shoot. If you buy a stock that doesn't have a recoil pad to replace the original, you will be missing it, because it makes it the sometimes sharps recoil non-existent. I upgaded my stock to a Choate stock, which is synthetic, and has a nice recoil pad. No, it doesn't fold or extend or collapse like a lot of the new furniture out there for AK clones, but I didn't feel like messing around with the 922r rules, plus it has a sweet trigger for a AK clone.
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